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Indemnity Forms

Entrance Procedure

On receipt of your final payment you will be required to fill in indemnity forms for your party which need to be completed and signed by each person in the group. An entry permit will be issued for your group and this constitutes your entrance ticket. You will be required to present them at the gate prior to entrance but we will still issue you your Entry Permit in advance.

You will not be permitted to enter the event if the forms have not been presented at the gate on arrival.
All details will be at our Security Gate under your name for your entrance and camping if applicable.

The relevant Indemnity Forms can be accessed by clicking on the Indemnity Form links below.

IND 1 Indemnity. This is COMPULSORY for all visitors.

IND 3 Vehicle and train travel Permit. This is COMPULSORY for all visitors.

IND 4  Pilot Briefing and Indemnity. This is compulsory for all pilots flying in to the event and pilots taking part in the event.

The forms should be presented at the gate on arrival.

Something special for photographers

Something special for photographers
 Sandstone is a photographer's paradise. Good weather, great scenery and a proliferation of interesting subjects will keep your camera shutter 
clicking all day long. To maximise photographic opportunities for more serious photographers, a special package has been created at an additional daily fee that 
gives access to a railway photo session between sunrise and breakfast with selected locomotives and a specialist run-past organiser. 
These morning sessions happen before the festival opens at 09h00 and will only be accessible to pre-booked participants.   Bookings are limited to 50 photographers per session. For full information and pricing contact Dave Richardson on e mail, or submit a Booking enquiry by clicking on the “Booking and Enquiry” tab at the top of the page.


Stars of Sandstone 2019 Provisional Programme
 The provisional programme is now available, just click on the “Newsletters” tab above for the 2019 programme.
Bookings for Stars of Sandstone 2019 
For full information and pricing on the Stars of Sandstone 2019 event submit your details via the “Booking & Enquiry” tab at the top of the page and you will receive full information and pricing for the event.

Stars of Sandstone 2019

Whether you have booked or are still deciding about it, Stars of Sandstone 2019 is not to be missed. Have a look at our newly released videos of what this event holds in store. You should not miss it! You also have the opportunity to travel in style to the show on the iconic Blue Train, check out the details below.

Travel to Stars of Sandstone 2019 and stay in style on South Africa’s legendary Blue Train

A very exciting feature for Stars of Sandstone 2019 will be the arrival of a special charter of The Blue Train at the event.  The Blue Train will be departing Pretoria on 3rd April at 09h00 and will be spending 2 nights at Sandstone Estates, departing on 5th April at 18h00 for arrival in Pretoria on the 6th April at 10h00.  Early booking is essential and you could be one of only 52 passengers to share in the experience.

This is one of the great luxury trains of the world and has the advantage of providing its passengers with a comfortable environment, excellent food, and of course the ability to hop on and off a 2ft Narrow Gauge Railway which would be operating on an adjacent siding.  Many years ago when we planned our railway, we specifically created a siding next to the Main Line Vailima siding on the National Railway Network Branch line between Bethlehem and Bloemfontein.  That is where this special train will be staged.  The siding is being extended by Transnet, for which we thank them, because this type of excursion would not have been on the agenda of passenger trains running between the two centres in the past.  In fact, there was not even a railway station at Vailima, it was purely a commercial siding where wheat and maize FZ trucks were dropped off and collected on a regular basis.  Indeed, in Sandstone’s early days, we used to load up to 1,000t of grain a day on the siding.

Most luxury trains are enjoyed for what they are, namely a trip on a train, but ours has the added advantage of spending 2 days at a world class event where there are any number of additional things to do.  When the passengers have had enough, they can go back to the Blue Train, relax, sit in the lounge and watch the trains go by.  They can on a whim jump off and join a passenger train about to embark for the mountains or returning to the main complex which will be a hive of activity.

There are only 52 berths on this train, so we do commend it to everyone who is considering coming down to Stars of Sandstone 2019 but who may be concerned about the lack of 5-star accommodation opportunities in the area.

We believe it will be very attractive to our international visitors, particularly those who have time constraints.

Due to the various configurations that exist, we will quote every one of our guests upon request.

Click on the brochure below for full information :