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We have had lots of coverage on the Blue Train experience as you can see.

Heather Hook runs a news blog in Johannesburg, here’s what she had to say about The Blue Train and Stars of Sandstone 2019.

From the Traveller 24 web site.

From the iol travel South Africa site.

From the Business Events Africa site.

From the SA Good News site.

From the 8C site.

Traveller 24

InTouch Rugby Magazine

Prestige Magazine Online

An excellent write up from The Heritage Portal of 2nd July.

Some new coverage on the forimmediate web site.

SA Rail Vol 56 no 2 2018
Some good coverage in SA Rail for the Blue Train excursion to Stars of Sandstone 2019 - Click below to view:
Part 1 Part 2 / Part 3

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The Stars of Sandstone event has come and gone and now the photos, reports and comments regarding the event start to flow in. We are creating a special section here for our visitors to see if they agree with these comments and for all prospective visitors to shows in the future to develop some feel for what people were able to experience. We will be announcing the dates for the next event within a week. We are already receiving high quality photographs from some of the outstanding photographers who have been covering the event. 

Have a browse of Graham Black's impressive array of images.

001 NG 15

002 Old new

003 Peter M Barry Len004 Laucs Barry Vim005 Chris Wilson